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Hello Stephanie!
Yes, this Saturday will be a gre=
at introduction to new students to get to know my methodology and try my =
monthly class as well if they would like to continue afterwards.
Its g=
oing to be intimate class and hopefully I will be able to give some feedb=
ack to the students.
Please join us on Saturday and hopefully you will=
like the class. You can register through my website.
Thank you for yo=
ur interest.
See you then.
Em Qua, Jul 22, 2020 =C3=A0s 09:45, “lucianadasilva=” <> escreveu:

=0AFirst Name*: Stephanie
Last Name*: Sch=
Phone*: 773-368-0108
Email Address *: St=
select subject: value
Message: Hello, I=E2=
=80=99m interested in learning samba. Is this Saturday=E2=80=99s class a=
good way to see if I like it?

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